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Certified Clarity Specialist™

🚩Are you frustrated with inconsistent or unpredictable revenue streams?

🚩Are you feeling overwhelmed and longing for a more fulfilling and joyful life?

🚩Are you a servant leader wanting to bring clarity and value into other people's lives?

Certification Program Overview

With the Certified Clarity Specialist™ program, gain the skills and knowledge to help your clients articulate their purpose with clarity, creating memorable and impactful Customer Points of Possibilities (CPoPs). Elevate your expertise in guiding others towards their true purpose and empower them to live in alignment with it. Enhance the value of the services you provide today, and put CCS after your name to add credibility.

The Certified Clarity Specialist™ program is not for everyone. It requires readiness, a servant-leader mentality, an abundance mindset, and the capability to see the potential in others. 

The program is designed for those with a deep-rooted desire to help others EXCEL. It combines two fundamental elements:

1) A lead-gen, sales & marketing engine, and 

2) The capacity to articulate your client's Customer Point of Possibilities (their CPoP). 

The benefits of the CCS program are numerous: Establish Dependable Revenue Steam, Xfer Alignment, Cultivate Consistent Decision-Making, Enhance Visibility, and Live in Joy.

Explore the True Value of the Program

Establish Dependable Revenue Stream

As a cornerstone of the CCS program, you gain access to a proven lead generation, marketing, and sales funnel that ceaselessly draws in potential clients. These individuals, investing in the proven offerings of clarity and credibility, become a captivated, paid audience. As they become familiar with your unique services, a percentage will deepen their engagement by committing to your primary services, which we guide you in strategically bundling.

Xfer Alignment

Bestow the gift of clarity and alignment to your clients. This clarity sharpens understanding of purpose and vision, aligns actions with intentions, and eliminates confusion and distractions. It guides you to prioritize what truly matters, fostering success in less time.

Cultivate Consistent Decision-Making

Utilize clarity to make consistently superior decisions. With a clear understanding of your goals and values, you can make choices that align with your purpose, resulting in more satisfying and effective outcomes.

Enhance Visibility

True visibility is about being seen AND understood. A clear understanding of mission, vision, purpose, CPOP, and benefits is integral to meaningfully impacting those you serve.

Live in Joy

Clarity fosters confidence. When you are clear about your purpose and direction, you exude an attractive confidence that invites others to participate in what you do. This clarity allows you to approach challenges with self-assurance, ultimately cultivating a life of joy.

Program Features

  • Earn the CCS designation and put it after your name. Stand out from the competition with this prestigious credential.

  • Learn how to make 6-figures with your certification. The program comes with opportunities for you to earn more.

  • Access content, processes, and tools to help you generate revenue and increase your service's effectivity.

  • Get ongoing community support and coaching to help support growth and success.

  • Get special access and discounted rates to all Credibility Nation programs. Get the most out of your professional development with our courses, events, and resources.

Interested in the Program? Join the

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Dates are tentative for September.

Benefits of Becoming a

Certified Clarity Specialist

  • Develop the expertise to guide individuals and businesses in identifying their core purpose and aspirations.

  • Enhance your communication skills to effectively articulate purpose and build strong personal brands.

  • Make a meaningful impact by helping others discover their purpose and live in alignment with it.

  • Elevate your professional reputation as a certified expert in clarity and purpose.

  • Expand your career opportunities by offering clarity consulting services to individuals and organizations.

  • Join an exclusive community of Clarity Specialists, fostering collaboration and ongoing support.

  • Access a comprehensive curriculum led by industry experts, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Clarity Specialist Certification Program
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About Mitchell Levy

Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is a champion of doing the right thing and bringing clarity to individuals and organizations. He is a leading authority in the field of credibility and has dedicated his career to helping others become more credible and authentic in their personal and professional lives.

As an expert in bringing out clarity, Mitchell understands the power of having a clear purpose and the impact it can have on one's credibility. He believes that clarity is the foundation for building trust and establishing meaningful connections with others. Through his coaching and mentoring, Mitchell empowers individuals to discover their true purpose and articulate it in a way that resonates with others.

With his extensive experience and expertise, Mitchell guides individuals and organizations on a transformative journey towards greater credibility and clarity. He provides practical tools and strategies for developing a credible personal brand, improving communication skills, and effectively using social media to reinforce one's purpose. Mitchell's coaching and mentorship enable individuals to unlock their full potential, embrace their authenticity, and show up as credible and influential leaders.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Certified Clarity Specialist and what role do they play?

A Clarity Specialist is a certified professional who helps individuals and businesses find clarity in their purpose, vision, and decision-making. They play a key role in guiding clients to prioritize what truly matters, align actions with intentions, and eliminate distractions.

Certified Clarity Specialists possess a unique skillset to bestow the gift of alignment, fostering success in less time. With their certification, they can deliver clarity (CPoP) and Credibility Booster Shots (CredJolts), empowering clients to make consistently good decisions. Their role as clarity facilitators enables them to cultivate confidence, invite participation, and ultimately bring joy to both themselves and those they serve.

2. Who can benefit from working with a Certified Clarity Specialist?

Anyone seeking clarity, alignment, and a clearer sense of direction in their personal or professional life can benefit from working with a Certified Clarity Specialist. Whether you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain about your purpose, a Certified Clarity Specialist can provide valuable insights and guidance to prioritize your goals and values, leading to more satisfying decision-making.

Certified Clarity Specialists empower individuals and businesses to excel, make better decisions, and cultivate a more joyful and purpose-driven life.

3. What can I expect from the Certified Clarity Specialist Program?

In the Certified Clarity Specialist Program, you can expect a comprehensive and dynamic certification journey designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your coaching or consulting practice. The program combines traditional and applied learning methods to equip you with a proven lead generation, sales, and marketing engine, as well as the capacity to articulate your clients' Customer Point of Possibilities (CPoP).

4. Can I become a clarity specialist even if I don't have a background in coaching or consulting?

Yes, you can become a Certified Clarity Specialist even if you don't have a background in coaching or consulting. The Certified Clarity Specialist Program is designed to provide a comprehensive skillset that combines traditional and applied learning methods. It empowers individuals from various backgrounds to discover and embrace their true calling while effectively monetizing their efforts.

As long as you possess the readiness, servant-leader mentality, abundance mindset, and capability to see the potential in others, you can embark on the journey to becoming a Clarity Specialist and transform lives through the power of clarity and alignment.

5. What are the certification requirements?

To maintain your certification, you must earn 20 CEUs per year. You can earn these CEUs by attending Credibility Nation programs or by taking other continuing education courses.

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