Serve Your Team Better with Clarity

and Stakeholder-Centered Coaching Techniques


Clarity Through

Your CPoP (90 mins)

Developing a clear and compelling Customer Point of Possibilities (CPoP) that articulates your purpose in 10 words or less, enhances your leadership and impact to your stakeholders.


Enrolling Stakeholders

in Your Leadership (90 mins)

Enrolling stakeholders in your leadership can help you build trust, get buy-in, create a collaborative environment, and make better decisions. This results in a more successful and sustainable organization.



Feedforward (90 mins)

Seeking feedforward is a proactive way to get feedback on your performance and areas for improvement going forward. It helps improve your skills, make better decisions, and build stronger relationships.

Clarity Through Your CPoP

(Customer Point of Possibilities).

98% of people DON'T have clarity!

In a fast-paced workplace, where teams rely on clear and decisive leadership, a leader who lacks clarity and direction can quickly derail progress. When team members are unsure of what is expected of them, how their work fits into the overall goals of the team, or how to prioritize their tasks, they are less likely to be productive and efficient. This can lead to missed deadlines, poor quality work, and increased frustration among team members.

Clarity Changes Everything! In 90 mins, you will have clarity.

Leaders with clarity are able to:

  • Make better decisions.

  • Communicate more effectively.

  • Build trust and credibility with their stakeholders.

Clarity allows them to achieve their goals and objectives more efficiently and effectively.

Enrolling Stakeholders

in Your Leadership & Seeking Feedforward

These two sessions are for leaders wanting to build trust, get buy-in, create a collaborative environment, make better decisions, and result in a more successful and sustainable organization!

Here are three takeaways you'll walk away with:

  • Align decision-making & leadership with purpose.

  • Enhance leadership trust and buy-in.

  • Prime both leaders and stakeholders for long-term success.

I'lll share with you a framework for understanding your values and motivations, as well as the values and motivations of your stakeholders. This understanding can help you make more informed, credible decisions and build stronger stakeholder relationships.

>>Join us for the next session on April 18, 9AM PST.

Benefits of Attending These Clarity Sessions

Truly understanding and articulating the playground you play in creates a more fulfilling and joyful workplace for your team members.

Enroll your prospects in a positive way to play in the same playground. This creates common language and healthy two-way communication.

Create a feedback-capable culture which strengthens your workforce as a whole

Model (actually live) a modality where you add value to your prospects, clients, and employees to positively effect your business and life.


Clarity Sessions

Every month, we host a 90-min Clarity Session where you will be guided on developing a clear and compelling

Customer Point of Possibilities (CPoP) that articulates your purpose in 10 words or less!


Bundle - Get All Three

90-minute Sessions


Clarity Through Your CPoP Session w/ Mitchell Levy

Clarity in Stakeholder Enrollment Deployment Session

Clarity in Seeking

Feedforward Deployment Session

Both Clarity Deployment Sessions


Clarity Deployment Session #1

Clarity Deployment Session #2

Join the

Clarity Session w/

Mitchell Levy


Clarity Through Your CPoP Session w/ Mitchell Levy

About the Hosts

Mitchell Levy

Global Credibility Expert

Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is a 2x TEDx speaker (including the 28th most popular in 2021), an international bestselling author of over 60 books, a Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach, and an executive coach at Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches.

He’s an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 750 books. He’s provided strategic consulting to hundreds of companies and has been the chairman of a board of a NASDAQ-listed company.

Visit his website at:

Aaron Wheeler

Stakeholder-Centered Coach

Aaron Wheeler is a certified Stakeholder Centered Coach created by the #1 coach and leadership thinker in the world: Marshall Goldsmith.

He's here to bring positive reinforcement and to help you become your best self. He is driven to create dynamic leaders that can adapt to any situation, be the leader that is most needed by the business, and create a culture of self development. Aaron mixes his years of sports leadership with the teachings of his inner circle of advisors to bring to you a sum total of over 150 years of coaching knowledge.

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